Transfer START is a one-day program that occur during the summer and is required for you to attend if you are entering Oregon State in the fall or summer term. You will need to attend the full day in order to be eligible to register for classes.

At START you will:

  • Meet with advisors
  • Register for your fall term courses
  • Take care of any business you still to need to prepare for fall term
  • There are option components that allow you to learn about opportunities and resources that may be of interest to you.

Dates for 2019 are:

Off-Site Programs

Outline of Program Schedule

  • June 8 or June 9: San Jose, California
  • June 15: Honolulu, Hawaii

Programs On Campus

  • Friday, June 21*
  • Wednesday, July 10
  • Friday, July 26
  • Wednesday, August 28*
  • Monday, September 23: you will need to attend this session only if you are unavailable to attend any of the above sessions.

* An optional Veterans Community Orientation will be held the day before or after these transfer START sessions, free for any student veteran who is interested. You can learn more about the Veterans Community Orientation, including exact dates and times, and sign up for it online. Please note that you must still attend an official START orientation session in order to register for your fall term classes.