Hello fall 2020 students!

Sign-up for START orientation is now closed.  If you have not yet registered for virtual START, we will be able to manually register you after you’ve gotten in touch with your academic advisors. In order to make sure we can get you connected with advisors and get you registered for your fall term classes quickly, there are three steps you need to follow:

1.) Email newstudents@oregonstate.edu with the following message: “Hello, My name is (fill in your name) and my student ID number is (fill in your #). I am contacting my advisors in the College of (fill in college) to register for classes, and I want to also get signed up for virtual START.”

2.) To determine what your current major and college are, log into my.oregonstate.edu, on the Student Dashboard click “Academics,” then click on “MyDegrees.” On the MyDegrees page, you will see both your “Major” and your “College” listed in the chart on the screen.

3.) Now that you know your major and college, follow the instructions to get connected with your advisors based on your college below during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific):

  • College of Agricultural Sciences: Email Michelle McAllaster, head advisor for CAS, or use the CAS Zoom room to chat with CAS staff who can connect you to your major advisor.
  • College of Business: Call 541-737-3716 or join a Zoom session with the COB front desk: meeting ID: 113030443, passcode: advising.
  • College of Earth, Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences: Email Mary Chuinard, head advisor for CEOAS.
  • College of Forestry: Call 541-737-1594 or email forestrystudentservices@oregonstate.edu.
  • College of Liberal Arts: Call 541-737-0561
  • College of Public Health & Human Sciences: Call 541-737-8900 or email phhs.peer@oregonstate.edu.
  • College of Science: Call 541-737-3854
  • University Exploratory Studies Program: Call 541-737-8144

Note: if your major currently listed in MyDegrees is not what you would like to study, please contact the college for the major you’d like to switch into and let them know you’d like assistance with changing your major. Click here for a list of all majors and colleges.

After you have met with your primary major advisor, if you are seeking a double-degree in Education, visit this website for advising information.

If you are an Honors College student, you can meet with your honors advisor by dropping into the Honors College Zoom room (password Honors) on 9/21 or 9/22. After those dates, call 541-737-6400.

If you have any issues getting in touch with your college, please email New Student Programs & Family Outreach at newstudents@oregonstate.edu or by phone during business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at 541-737-7627.

Welcome to Oregon State University!

Information regarding orientation before Winter term, which takes place in January, will be available in early November.