University Housing and Dining

The first batch of room assignments will begin in July 2023. Assignments will continue throughout July, August, and early September, 2023. Room assignments will be sent to your Oregon State email address.

The date you receive your room assignment depends on the following:

  1. Date of completion of the housing application and contract.
  2. Eligibility criteria for communities.
  3. Completing all necessary steps to confirm attendance at Oregon State including START registration. 

You can access more information on the UHDS website here.

You can sign up for a dining plan as part of your housing application through MyUHDS. Visit MyUHDS any time to review or change your selection. 

Yes, all students who live on campus at Oregon State University are required to have a dining plan. To learn more about dining plan options, visit the UHDS Dining Plan Options website here.

Yes! Residents can make changes to their dining plan by visiting MyUHDS here.

For the first three weeks of each term, you can select a larger or smaller plan.
After the third week, you can adjust to a larger plan only.

For more information on dining plans, visit the Dining Plans Options website here

Dining dollars can be used at any of our dining halls by simply using your student ID card. Dining dollars can also be used for university cafes located in various buildings around campus that are not in the dining halls. This includes cafes like Java Stop in the Memorial Union or The DAM in the Learning Innovation Center. The only places it doesn't work are Dutch Bros. and the Panda Express in the Memorial Union.

Residents who use their dining plan dollars on purchases at dining center locations will receive a 20 percent discount. This includes restaurants in Marketplace West, McNary Dining Center, and Southside Station @ Arnold. Residents who use their dining plans get a 10 percent discount at other UHDS locations and markets.

Orange Cash is a separate account from your dining plan dollars that allows you to receive a 10 percent Orange Rewards discount at food locations on campus, such as coffee shops in academic buildings and food locations not operated by UHDS. Anyone affiliated with OSU may have an Orange Cash account. Orange Cash is connected to your OSU ID card. To learn more, visit the Orange Rewards website here

Check out the UHDS website here! To learn more about how to contact their office, visit this page.


You can contact the Financial Aid Office by phone  (541-737-2241) 10 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday. You can also reach out to them through email at [email protected]. If you are a current student, please include your student ID number in all communications. 

You may also want to check out the Financial Aid Office's FAQ page here

To view and accept your scholarships and financial aid, login to the Financial Aid Self-Service Portal here

Check out the financial aid website here! To learn more about how to contact their office, visit this page.

Getting Involved

You can access a list of all registered clubs at the Find Clubs website here. There will also be a club fair, called the Beaver Community Fair, early in the fall term. For the latest information on this fair, visit the website here. Students can also create their own club if they'd like. For more information about clubs, organizations, and campus activities, visit the Clubs and Organizations website here.

Oregon State has diverse Greek life opportunities. The Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life will host several "Go Beavs! Go Greek!" informational sessions throughout the summer for interested students. To learn more, visit the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life website here



You will receive information about scheduling an academic advising appointment at your START session. The majority of colleges will be doing advising in-person, and will occur the day after your START session.

No, your advisor will reach out to you to arrange your first appointment. 

There are a few different ways to do this.

  1. You can refer back to a previous email from your advisor to find their email and other contact information. 
  2. You can login to MyDegrees to find the name of your advisor in the top banner of the website.


Students register for fall term classes after meeting with their academic advisor. During you advising appointment, you can discuss classes you're interested in and hear your advisor's recommendations. They will also show you how to register for classes, and give you the registration pin that you will need to register.

After you register for classes, you can add or drop a course with a 100% refund through October 8th, which is the beginning of week 2. For more dates and information about adding, dropping, or changing the grading basis of a class, you can visit the academic calendar here. You can also waitlist a class that is currently full. 

If you are not sure about dropping a course or how to get support for it, we recommend you contact your academic advisor. 

Keep in mind that if you drop a class and have fewer credits, this may affect your financial aid. If you have any questions about this, you can reach out to your academic advisor. 

Oregon State has many resources to help you through challenging classes. Here are just a few:

  1. Tutoring: We have many different types of tutoring services at OSU. There are science centers for chemistry, physics, and biology. We have a Math and Statistics Learning Center, a Writing Center, and tutoring for specific academic colleges and majors. For a full list of tutoring services, check out this website
  2. SI Tables: These are small group study tables that meet weekly throughout the term and are led by a student who knows your course material. Learn more here!
  3. Academic Success Center: The ASC has programs to help students find new techniques and tools, and locate additional campus support resources. Common conversations include discussions about time management, test preparation, and effective study strategies. Learn more here!

You are always welcome to reach out to your professors and academic advisors as well! They are here to help you navigate courses and help with your transition to OSU.


No, there are limited numbers of student tickets available but you can get them without purchase. 

To get student tickets, first click on "Student Log-In" on the student tickets website here. If it is your first time on this site, you will register with your student ID number and email. On this website, you will be able to see distribution schedules for tickets. 


If you will be living on campus and want to park your car at OSU, you will need an R-lot permit. Other students who wish to park on campus can choose between A, B, and C lot permits which vary in price and their proximity to campus buildings. Information about parking permits for 2022-23 is coming soon on the transportation services website here. OSU uses virtual parking passes so once you purchase a pass and register your vehicle, your license plate acts as your pass! To see a map of parking zones on campus, click here.

Oregon State University and Corvallis are bike friendly! There are many bike racks around campus where you can lock up your bike. Our transportation services recommend you bring a U-Lock and Cable Lock to secure your bike. You can also register your bike so it is easier for law enforcement agencies to return it to you if it's stolen. To do this or for more information on keeping your bike safe, visit this website

The Beaver Bus runs on campus which provides multiple routes on campus and is included in student fees. 

ASOSU SafeRide provides late night transportation on campus and in the surrounding campus area. This is great for students studying late at the library, working late on campus, or aren't comfortable walking home for any reason. This service is included in student fees. For more information, visit the SafeRide website here

Corvallis city busses are also free for everyone! There are many routes for students to get around the city.

Parents and Families

Fall family weekend will be October 13th-15th, 2023! There will be may events and activities for you and your student. Check out this website for more information.

ALEKS Math Placement

All incoming students are required to take the ALEKS Placement Assessment, however when determining your math course registration, your highest placement from the ALEKS Assessment, AP/IB scores, and previous college math courses will be used. Taking the ALEKS Placement Assessment does not penalize students in anyway. The ALEKS Placement Assessment can only improve your math placement.

Visit this website to access a guide of what to do before, during, and after taking the ALEKS assessment. This is also where you can access the Oregon State University ALEKS login.