First-Year Experience courses are designed to help you have a successful transition to academic work and college life at OSU. All first-year experience courses are designed to help you identify the campus resources and opportunities that will enhance your time at OSU. They all offer you many opportunities to interact and work with both your instructor, peer leader, and other students in the course and create lasting connections on campus. Each course is also designed to guide you through the exploration of a real world problem or compelling question that interests you. You may even find that through this exploration your academic and career goals will become more clear.

There are several courses at OSU that fit into the First-Year Experience category. Feel free to explore them all to find your best fit.

U-Engage courses (ALS 199) are elective, 2 credit, A-F graded courses offered on a variety of topics and interest areas. They are open to any first-term students and only offered Fall term. For a list of the various section titles and course descriptions, click here

ALS 199H U-Engage, Explore, Evolve is a 2 credit, Pass/No Pass course open to University Honors College students. This class will introduce students to the process of creating new knowledge and guide students through the beginning stages of the UHC thesis, laying the ground work for a successful Honors experience.  Within the course students will also engage with various faculty, services and resources to discover and explore the breadth and depth OSU has to offer.

ART 100/199 (sections taught by Oliveros) are 2 courses worth 2 total credits (1 credit each) required for all Art majors new to OSU. This class will introduce students to concepts and experiences that will begin their journey as an art major at Oregon State University. Through the use of artist lectures, making art, selected readings and sketchbook entries students will begin to explore the creative process. Students will have the opportunity to meet some of the department’s art faculty and the art they make.

BA 160 is a 2 credit, A-F graded course offered for students within the College of Business who are also part of the Austin Entrepreneurship Program.